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Corporate Recovery and Insolvency from Q-Consult, Construction Consultants
Corporate Recovery & Insolvency
We have close working relationships with a number of Insolvency Practitioners and apply the full range of our skills to assist them with business recovery and insolvency.

Construction contracts are complex and projects are often unique. We provide specialist construction contract and commercial advice to enable the IP to rapidly establish a clear picture of the rights and obligations of any construction organisation with which they are working.

In particular for Insolvency Practitioners we provide:
  • Debtor book reviews and predictions
  • Company systems and "due diligence" reviews
  • Project viability reviews for funders/stakeholders
  • Process delivery health checks on construction businesses
  • Discrete intensive care support / trouble shooting
  • Build out strategy advice and the ability to Project Manage
  • Contract / Project sales and novations
  • Debt and WIP valuation, claims and recovery