Q-Consult, Construction Consultants
Q-Consult, Construction Consultants
Dispute Support
Q-Consult has wide experience in formal dispute resolution processes such as Adjudication and Arbitration, as well as the less formal, commercial approaches such as negotiation, mediation and conciliation.

Our approach to resolving disputes focuses on the needs of your business - we adopt the most commercially appropriate route to getting the result that you need, when you need it. Whilst we are confident of applying them, we see the more formal routes, particularly legal proceedings, as a last resort. We prefer to apply pressure in the right way to bring about resolution in a professional and proactive manner.

We can represent you in either pursuing your entitlements or defending disputes brought by others. When the time comes to take a formal route to resolution our service will be highly visible - we will take the strain of dealing with the dispute, leaving you free to run your business rather than being distracted by the dispute.

Where legal proceedings are unavoidable we have excellent contacts with Construction Lawyers and leading Barristers and we are able to act as Expert Witness.